Solartech - Sun Illumination Systems

Light Output Comparisons
1 lumen  = 1 foot candle /sq.ft. 

For Solartech 
60 sq.ft. total effective collecting area per unit
sq.ft. x 9,360 lumens/sq.ft. solar intensity 
Assuming a 71% transmission efficiency (dirt, surface reflection losses)  gives ~
400,000 delivered  lumens, ~ $3k/ unit installed

For  21" Tubular Skylight  (e.g. SOLATUBE)
13,500 lumens avg., ~$600/ unit installed

SNS,  Natural Daylighting Active Mirror Skylight
45,000 lumens, ~$1,500/ unit (tilting mirrors + 4x4 skylight) 

Sunlight- Direct (ORNL fiber optic system)
50,000 lumens, ~$16k/ unit ($8k claimed future cost)

Metal Halide (HID) 400w electric light fixture
A 400 watt HID lamp has a mean output of 25,000 lumens. Typical Luminaire efficiency is 90%, which gives 23,000 total mean lumens.


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