Solartech - Sun Illumination Systems





1. Early proof of concept collector prototype installed in a commercial building.

2. Proof of commercial scale system feasibility thru NASA's SATOP program.

3. Selected presenter for the National Renewable Energy Labs  Clean Energy Forum.

4. Prize winning finalist in the NSVC business plan competition (Sponsored by Hass and Columbia Business Schools).

5. Strategic alliances with energy efficient lighting manufacturers and energy efficiency consultants.


Demonstration sites for Solartech Sun Illumination Systems are sought. Please inquire for cost of purchasing and installing the technology in your facility.

Karl Roth at 310-570-6943

Sun Illumination Systems 
P.O. Box 603
Venice, CA  90294

Email:   info  (at)



Summary of Technology  |  Energy Conservation vs. Energy Production
Light Output Comparisons  |  Building Retrofit Example
Adaptability Of The Technology To Other Markets
Images of Collection System